How I Started As An Affiliated Marketer.

Wow!!! What stared it all? I have become a lover for affiliate marketing. These are my reasons why.

  1. I can share products that I enjoy with everyone.
  2. Everyone can benefit from what I’m sharing
  3. You can make some money from being an affiliate marketer
  4. And everyone WIN.

We are coming together to be successful. And I for one will always be honest and transparent. What’s the point on trying to sell something to someone who you yourself would not buy or use. There’s no point right.

With that being said. If you love to help others, see others be successful and make money. Then testing out being an affiliate marketer is the place and it’s not hard.

You just may already been doing it in your own life and not even know it. You’re just not getting paid, but you’re getting some form of gratification. If you knew what Affiliate Marketing was you will replace that free referral with getting paid for sharing (referring) a product. And knowing that you’re the reason behind someone joined or using a product and loved it is a wonderful feeling, but it don’t hurt to get some extra incentives for it. The reason I’m saying that is because that’s how I kinda fall into the Affiliate Marketing life style.

Here is my quick story: 😆😉

I started with a small little free app that I still use till this day and love it.

Digit: Is a totally free app that you have to link your bank account To (preferable the one you use the most). Reason being is digit will analyzes your account for your spending style and help you save little by little, and few changes at a time. If you don’t have any funds to save it will not save for you. So it protects your account to not have an overdraft fee. The best part is that you can feel at ease because your account is FDIC insured so your money is protected.

Now here is where it’s even greater. Not only is digit helping you saving very smart. It asks you “do you want to boost your savings?” (Now here is where Affiliate comes in to play) You can earn $5 unlimited for every friend you refer to digit and if they sign up with your personal link like mine 👉👉 you earn that $5. But make sure they click on your link to sign up.

Because digit is one of my favorite saving apps. I told everyone, shared my link everywhere, on all my social media sites. The next morning I got the tease of free money. When I had many notifications back to back telling me someone happily sign up. Now you all know I was jumping for joy.💃

The way I accomplish that was I honestly let everyone know what digit do for me personally by saving and earning and how much I earn just by referring others. Its nothing hard, no scam. Just a very awesome free app that helps me save. I aslo explain how others can do the same and get the same benefits just by sharing and to add to their saving goals.

Now I don’t know about you but a Free $5 for using a free app that helps me save at the same time is a no brainer. And an app I wanted to be apart of.

Yes I absolutely love my digit app.

Don’t believe me. Now remember I told you I’m very transparent so here is a screen shot of my digit account. And how much I’ve saved from using digit and how much I got from referring people since March 18, 2016 when I started using this app.

If that’s not proof in the pudding lol. Then I don’t know what to say. All I know is digit is on my top list of apps to use.

Other Apps I use which gives me referral power (More Money).

Digit: Setup one Saving goal.

Acorn: Savings and Investing.

Qapital: Setup multiple saving goals at once.

STash: Savings and Investing.

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