My Journey, Your gateway: Spiritual Healing Of MyCelf!

The 7 Chakra System

Hello, let me start off by saying this is not an over night thing. So please don’t expect it to be so. Everyone is totally different when it comes to their spiritual journey and awakening.

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To understand me, and my journey I started with some snapshot of my life. #StoryTime

  • Medically I am diagnosed with an Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression disorder, hypertension & Chronic pains.

I knew since small I was gifted and a blessed child. I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, until I was 9 years old. While there I lived with my father (Nevil: Rest Up daddy 💖), brother(Kemian), two sisters ( Shaina) & (Nola: Rest Up Nola💖) Ase’.

My mom (Paulette) was already in the United States, handling business. She would always send us money and things to take care of us while in Jamaica. My oldest sister (Shantel) was already in the states living with my mom.

This is my mommy & I, isn’t she lovely?!?!. Sexy for a 69 years old beautiful black Queen. She taught me everything, she is my ideal.

  • Now stay with me while reading. This story line as I stated are snapshots of my life. To make it shorter. Also to help you understand where I came from!

In 1999 she finally earned the money she needed to filed for us to come to United States Of America. She brought my dad, brother, sister and I to live here. We lived in Bronx New York (Beach Avenue & then Boynton Ave) for many years. We eventually packed up our family, bought a house and moved here to Connecticut in 2003. During that time I was getting ready to go off to college, at Eastern Connecticut State University.

During our time living in the Bronx, we learned what struggling was. From being evicted twice, living paycheck to paycheck, living in an one bedroom apartment with 6 people and living in a van for short while. My parents try to make ends meet however they know how for us.

After the van, due to the cold weather coming. My dad and mom made a decision to move us above his working garage, with a space heater for heating. That was his workplace & office. See, my dad use to work on cars and also house land crabs, that he sold part time. My hustler mentality I get from my parents… No matter what, one thing we always did was stick TOGETHER.

By the grace of The Most High, things started picking up for my family and I. My mom and dad opened up their first family owned fresh seafood store. Named Naspee Fish Island, locates in the Bronx. We closed store after few years, with all intentions to move to Connecticut. My parents felt it was time to grow and our lives here in Connecticut was the next move.

They were correct! It was when we moved to Connecticut in 2003. Our lives changed and blessings on blessings was bestowed on us. We bought our first home, my dad opened up an Garage where he was the best mechanic out there. Until he had the stroke.

He had what they call a massive stroke. That rupture the membrane behind his neck. These little important veins and nerves in the back of his neck. Which communicate to his brain. It was ruptured and could not be repaired. He ended up in a catatonic state, and having to live in a nursing home. My mom fought hard to bring him home, but she couldn’t due to the type of insurance he had. She couldn’t get any support after his death. Because they stated he was 3 credit short of working credits to collect SSI. My dad always was an entrepreneur.

We all felt if we got the chance to bring him home. He would of still be here with us. We all was trained to take care of people in his situation, and worked in the field for many years. When he was at the nursing home, she took care of him, no could touch him. Because the last times they care for him. He ended up get bed sorts, bruises and his items stolen. He had to stay there, unfortunately his kidney started shutting down. His body started to give up & he was ready passed.

I didn’t take his death easy at all, even til this day. I shut down emotionally! Also, I strongly felt he was neglected while in the nursing home. That is part of the reasons I get panic attacks when I have to go into nursing home (feels like doomsday to me). At the time I was working in said field, which was very hard. Even though I loved it. I get the same feelings with Waterbury Hospital, because of a bad experience while my dad was in there.

My family and I have a strong family bond and morels. We draw strength & support from each other. My siblings and I being at my mom side after his death. That kept her strong and going. And she was able to pick her life back up and got her house in order. She gave us everything, we was never without. Even now!

Everything my mother said she was going for, she got and was successful. She knew how to manifest things she wanted & needed. She made sure to bless all her children as well. She taught all of us how to manifest what we want… This is why I’m forever blessed and highly favored, by The Most High. Ase’

The Saddler Tribe (Our Queen in white)! Ase’

My family and I also have a strong Spirituality and we all have some gift. We was very Intuit, even when some don’t want it or admit. My mom dreams allow her to see many things. So was my dad, he knew things was coming before it happened.

My mom will always tell me stories about spirits being around me at a young age. My mom let me know, her father (Sleep easy grandpa 💖) was so excited for me to be born and he couldn’t wait to meet me. Unfortunately he ended up getting shot in the head in his car and killed, before I was born. I shortly was born within the same month of his death. Listen, I can remember at 7 or 8 years of age, I could definitely sense & see spirits for myself.

As I grown, she would continue to tell me stories of him always being around me as a baby. He would come visit me, like he was still living. I was always a sickly child. The doctors wasn’t sure if I was going to live or die, because of how sick I kept getting. Little did they know, it was due to strong spirits around of family members. They weren’t trying to harm me one bit. Some truly was unknowingly harming me, only because their spirit was too strong for my little baby body. She made sure to let me know they would protected me. But because their spirit was so strong and I kept getting very sick, almost dying as a baby. She had to take me away from the house to the country. To live with my father’s mother, until his house was done livable for us. We lived there before coming to the states. My dad was fixing it up while we lived there as well. He never got a chance to finish fixing it. We left when I was nine, he had all intentions to go back and finish it. That did not happen because he got sick in the states. When we left Jamaica, it was stolen from him by his family and sold for lesser than it was worth, including his land. My family was not happy when we found it. We was never given the opportunity to buy it. We never knew they intended to sell the land and the house. We was never asked if we wanted it. Which we very much did and would of bought from them, even though it belong to my dad! My dad put everything in it, but I guess he was the black sheep of the family. So most of his family didn’t care for him. Listen, I have many stories, and as my memory comes back as I’m healing. I’ll keep adding to this page.

Me as a child in Jamaica!

During my teenage years into my adult life, living in the states. My dreams and intuitions has been a big part and it got me through everything. But as time pass and judgements rise from people, especially from some Christians. I never understand how so many people, who suppose to walk, talk & live like God. Can cast so many judgements and use the Bible to chastise you. It was then I choose to suppress all my natural gifts.

I went to “sleep” and followed the rat race, in doing so I did lost who I was. Never used my intuitions.

2003 was when my Freshman college year started. While attending I would have a hard time, it would be too much for me. I couldn’t focus, I’ll get very overwhelmed, rapid heart race & remembering things was starting to be very hard. I would get so overwhelmed with everything coming at me at once, even life. That is around that time my dad was also battling with his health.

I knew I was always an anxious kid, so going to college was going to be a challenge for me. I pushed myself because I knew my parents would of been proud.

While there I was having very bad migraines and body pains for no reasons. Still my memory seem to be going as well. The thought of my dad illness worry me a lot as well… Little did I know, the energy of everyone around me, my stress and constantly worrying about my dad. It was just overwhelming and painful. I started becoming very anxious again, which turned out to be anxiety disorder. I ended up having to leave college in 2006.

After that I would not seek help, so I just kept getting worst and losing control. Mental Health disability was not a norm in my family.

As I learn, most black women don’t admit or seek help, because of fear of judgments from others. But it’s truly needed, that support. That is truly the start of healing, admitting to yourself, you need support and help. I was part of that “strong woman mentality” bullshit. Heck no, Strong woman need support too. Plus the devil was a whole damn liar. I’m the most sensitive but strong woman you will meet. As so many things coming at me at once and being there for everyone else. I forgot who I was and close off my sensitive side to protect me from getting hurting from people.

  • Let’s fast forward a couple years to present, to make a long story short. I’m currently relearning EVERYTHING that I lost! My memory, self love, intuition, dreams and control of my body.

It got worst after becoming a wife and with that we had our own big problems (that’s a whole other story).

My marriage contributes big time for my anxiety & depression to get worst. In March 8th, 2014 I had my first child, a son. I would love to say I had a great pregnancy, but I did not. I was stress as ever. I had a very hard pregnancy & giving birth. I ended up having an emergency C-section, instead of my planned water birth. They had to induce me. I ended staying longer in the hospital after my sons birth. My blood pressure raised in the 200/200. In the mist of that we finalized our adoption for our two 6 years old twin girls at the time. We still struggle with them at the ages of 13. We are therapeutic foster home so they came with several behavioral problems.

I still stick in it, because even though helping them was hurting me. I knew they needed me and that’s all that matters. I love caring for children’s and I was not doing this for myself, working with people was my passion. My home was always suppose to be a safe haven, that’s why I became a foster mom… I truly believe The Most High place my daughters with me for a purpose.

“Everything happens for a reason.” My sister Shaina and I favorite quote.

In 2019 I had to drop down from working a full-time job because of negative work environment. I don’t do negativity at all, it’s physically painful in my body. That was adding on to everything & affecting my mental illness more.

I also later found out my daughters needed me in their school to advocate for them (Everything happens for a reason). So my energy shifted completely to full time mom mood and being there for them at school and home.

What their school did not know was I have a gifted that I use very well and could see right through their lies & bullshit. One of my daughter they wanted to use her as an example and place her in an Enlightened school. For kids with high uncontrollably behavioral problems.

Listen, the way this principle speak of that school, it’s like he gets paid to send them there. He was proud at that and they will be out of his hair. Because “he just don’t have the time for her”. Especially our minority kids, this was a public school in Waterbury, CT. Little did he know we was black parents who are highly involved in our kids life. Educated and also a big advocates for Mental Health!

Now, let’s make it clear, my daughters are no angels. The one he was targeting, was not THE problem as they made her to seem. I found this out by being her peer aka support in her classes. I demanded to attend school with her. I felt something was Wright.

This man, the “principle” gave me bad vibes from day one of meeting him and conversing with him. He lies and love to over exaggerate the situations. He seem so egotistical and it’s his way or no way, as he made very clear many times. It was clear he did not like this young black, educated woman standing up to him. I also was not giving into his demands of discharging (kicking her out) my daughter without giving her full proper support and help in her school.

I couldn’t be around him, I’ll get an instead anxiety attack every time. I surly never showed him though. Even in meetings after meetings with him, it was bad. To the point I had to let my husband deal with him and I stay connected with her counselor. Which was a very nice lady and you can tell she wanted to help, but could only do so much.

So, yes, I demanded to be a her one-to-one/peer while she was in school. Again, it was clear & vocal by him the principle, he didn’t have time for her. He “has other kids to think about.” I felt he just wasn’t going to support her or empathize. She is diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD & Depression (even with that knowledge, he didn’t care) even with doctors paper work he asked for. At the end he try to rule her diagnoses out by stating “If her behavior is due to her mental illness?.” Held a meeting and had all intentions on changing her 504. To not include her mental illness. One reason why I chosen the option to continue distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The times her and I attended school she did very well. I equipped her with tools she can use on her own if I couldn’t be there. I also advice all her teachers & guidance counselor on proper way to handle her due to her mental illness. I made sure to put things in place for her while she’s in school, in her care plan (504). The old one they had was so outdated and nothing to assist her or to aid with her Mental Illness, especially when she has outbursts.

I even went as showing them how to set up the classroom for kids with ADHD overall. To be honest, the way they group these kids in those classroom, most where children with their own behavioral problems in her “group.” Which they didn’t want to change her from, when we requested many times to during the school year. That would of eliminated most of the behaviors they say she’s having. Limited the distractions in the classroom and outside. Because of her ADHD.

Again, let me tell you, the energy of all those kids and their angers. I felt it all, it hurts. My anxiety & panic attacks enhances, with my migraines while there. I was doing more harm to myself than I knew it. I felt my health was declining, and I had to put a strong face on for her and set her up before having to leave her alone in that school.

I couldn’t be there as I wanted, to advocate for her or give her the support I knew she needed. So I ended up having to get back up support for her. Through the program called ICAPs, which they did help her with tools & support, even advocated for us at school. Up until COVID-19 started, and all school closing and they implemented “distance learning” online, which she passed!

Again, one reason why we will be continuing distance learning for the fall 20/21. As well as due to Covid-19 still rising and may get worst in the cold weather.

I’m not going to lie, having my husband & 3 kids at home and I’m out of work. My anxiety & depression got worst! I needed support I wasn’t getting at home!!! That is when I knew I needed to seek help and learn how to properly heal! My Self-Healing journey started. I researched and implemented things that help me.

2016 to 2020 was my worst. I felt lost, broken, unsupportive, unloved, defeated and seem like I was losing everything I worked for. 2020 hit, I called it the year of my manifestation. And boy a lot of things are coming out in the light.

COVID-19 Pandemic Started, and that hit me hard as well. I went deep into my depression, anxiety & panic attacks with pains on top of that, all on overdrive!

This time around I 👁 was re/awakening and building my knowledge tank back up. The fact that I know & see all the negativity, hate, ego, crimes. Not to mention people who looks like my family, kids and I (African Americans) being killed on the streets like animals by racist cops. Actually seeing a Lynching in 2020 like it was the norm, only by racist people who don’t understand themselves. Not knowing who or how to trust the police. The people who are suppose to protect us, seem to be the once trying to eliminate us. Then the massive shooting of black churches & killing. The unsolved kidnappings of our brothers & sisters for whatever evil reasons. Now seeing that our children are being intentionally taken for sex trafficking and Gods know what else. There some deeper, evil sadistic & bigger things going on with our children’s. This is one of many reasons I can’t watch the news.

My Fear, Anger, Rage, enhances my anxiety & panic attacks and got out of my control. Including my physical health, it’s all connected. My depression keep getting worst and I immediately shut down & isolate in my house and locked EVERYONE away, including my family. Especially to those who did not care for me and only use me.

I couldn’t leave my house, not even for my doctors appointments. Not to mention I still never heal from my depression since my sons birth. I notice my memory still seem to be going. I lack any drive to do anything, including doing my businesses, going to work & helping others. I just never shown it, kept a smile on my face, be the wife, mother, friend & team player. My passion and drive for everything was depleting, so was my energy. This is when I made my mind up to HEAL properly.

My son is the reason I rises and continue! He is 6yrs old and a very lovable, sweet, sensitive, & gifted boy too, he is my heart in human form ✨. Ase’

So you see, back in 2016 I remember feeling the shift of the world (real talk). I felt like something big was coming. Just didn’t know what! Well, 2020 sure shown me. My anxiety attacks made it hard and painful for me. This year is also when I started having more panic attacks. I tried my hardest to control them by myself & with my faith, to the best of my knowledge.

All While I was working a full time job, working with the elderly, youth with behaviorally problems that was institutionalized. As well as caring for the elderlies & those with high & low function disabilities. For 20+ years and loved it. It was working under certain managements that was becoming very hard. The negativity & unfairness was too much for me. I will have panic attacks a lot while at work, even when I have to go to the main office for anything. I was never so easily broken, but I felt it.

I ended up having to stop working full time hours in 2020 and only working two days a week at said place. Those two days I couldn’t take it. I kept going to the hospital due to anxiety & stress of work. Working in hostile and negative work environment is not a good thing for me.

I ended up speaking with my therapist and she recommended me completely going out of work. On June 2020 I filed for my FMLA at work. I needed to get a mental break as I told my HR manager. Working on my mental health was a priority (life or death). Which I am currently on, so I am able to focus on me and on healing properly.

Which is what I am sharing with you, my journey, as always. My motto is, if it’s helping me, it can help someone else.

Keep reading for tools & tips at the end:

I am doing a lot of shadow work that is truly needed, self-care rituals, loving on myself and finding my spirituality back. I recommend you start there & learn how to love you and FEEL again. Learn how to truly #Fixyourself it’s the best feeling at the end of the day, real talk. If you’re in a relationship, fix yourself first!

I’ve always been one to share my journeys, so it can help others who needs it, or don’t know their going through it. Hence why I own this online Resource & marketing company; Mommy Hustle Nation, Inc Enterprises

  • Here is what I am currently doing & using: The Chakra System amongst other things.

First I must admit to myself I need healing, support, help and guidance. So I seek a therapist to help me process & open more about how I was feeling and hurting. I don’t open up to a lot of people. Because not everyone I trust anymore. This was where I got the support and guidance that I felt I needed… With the resources my therapist gave me. It helped me to properly get ready to focus on me & how to heal without worrying more than I do.

I implemented a lot of things that triggered changes, that is needed. It seems people always tend to come to me for advice, to talk and some just to dump their issues on me (That’s Very Draining). One thing I change! Not being there for everyone.

I am an #Empathicsoul, I will listen and be there for them. All while hurting myself, never even knew it. Their energy good or bad was affecting me. Unfortunately when I was falling apart, and I needed someone. The support was never reciprocated. That is when I knew to STOP giving my energy to everyone.

I then went back to my roots. Relearning about who Janielle was & is. Learned what I loved to do, do things that makes me feel good and happy in a positive & healthy way.

I even shift the energy in my house, into a positive home (that’s my root chakra I worked on first). You find as you worked on one, you opened them all. Just find which are being blocked. The chakra book I mentioned helps.

I have been learning how to raise my own vibration and making sure to write & say affirmations. I now have all over my house. Affirmations are very motivational and important. What you see, speak and do. You have the power to manifest it.

I try to learn where my dad family roots and where he came from. I was told he was the “black sheep” of the family. It was surly seen and felt, even so on his death bed and during his funeral. Out of his family only 3 came, not even his mother. I will never forget this.

I needed to learn who my ancestors are. I started implementing my old ways that has allowed me to feel independent, safe, protected, & provided for. That was my strong Spirituality & feelings… Which aid in my growing emotionally, physically & spiritually Ase’.

It is a must, I learned how to properly meditate by following the 30 days How To Meditate on the Calm app. It’s so simple and awesome. I recommend using it. It helps you to go within yourself and slow down your thoughts and so much more. You’ll need to experience for self. I also learned to do yoga by watching basic yoga video on YouTube.

It is in meditation I found out a lot about me & my body. I then started implementing my own movements to yoga by listening to my body on what FEELS good; The positions, stretch & breath work to use. I make sure to try and do this everyday. Especially in the morning to wake my body up, and stretch out the muscle pains & tensions I get all over my body. It gets me mentally prepared for my day & calm. Especially being a mom of 3.

As I mentioned, I got my house in order. I notice there was a lot of negativity; envy, judging, lack of communication, frustrations & anger going around in here. This highly sensitive mom, with sensitive kids couldn’t and wasn’t going to tolerated it anymore. I was getting physically, mentally and emotionally ill and back into an even deeper depression.

I was not playing. My mental state was at high risk including my health. I gave my house good cleaning, cleansing of sage and prayer. I was fighting spiritually & physically. Physically & spiritual I was getting attack & sicker, so why not. I sage the heck out my home a lot and continue to pray & chant for my family and I. I set up my Family Altar & my Ancestral Altar. I then learned about my astrology and my numerology, which gave me my life path number and somewhere to start. 

My spiritual candles I bought them all from LaLa Intuit. The special candles are not to play with. They are the real deal. The first candle was Halo, second was Mars and on…. After lighting those candles, I tell you no lie, I felt the different energy in my house. The good & positive energy and the beautiful smell.

I continue to work on keeping my home a positive, scared and a safe place. Nothing and No one negative was allowed in, even if they try. They couldn’t step foot cross my doors. No one with ill intentions for my family & I can never come in.

  • This was the first chakra I worked on. My base chakra, “the Root Chakra” and moved upward to each one.

I then started loving on my family (My Heart Chakra). Putting things in place that I know my kids love in the home. Fixed up sensor areas for us to go.

If we ever get too overwhelmed. My porch, back deck and backyard is the go to. Including our outside birds are part of it. I love to honor my birds, by feeding them. Setting up areas on my property for their own. They come and go as they please and I feed them. My daughters and I love sitting on the porch watching them eat and taking their bird bath in the dirt area I set up for them. We even have few squirrels who comes by. I leave the apples or throw them in the backyard for them to enjoy. It Feels good to give!

My family is everything to me, so getting all of us back together was a must. I took them back outside into nature, to soak up all the natural healing nature & the universe gives. Also to help me feel grounded (I learned that from my chakra book for beginners I recommend).

My son and I sitting at the top of this beautiful waterfall we found. Natural spring water!

Facebook for me is used for a purpose. You get what you put out on there. I not only use it for all my online businesses. I also am intentionally growing friends who are like minded, positive, nonjudgmental & Spiritual intuit like me. Which brought me to meeting many awesome spiritual women on the same journey. One of my new FB friends. We connected on my personal Facebook page.

This wonderful Queen name kyra, freely gave me knowledge and direct me to hard facts to help me build my own knowledge bank up. The first thing she did was recommended me to watch this YouTube channel; The Complete Guide To Unblocking All Energy Center. Watch all her videos while there and try to implement the things she say about The Chakra System. I love her energy!

I then dive into learning more about the Chakra Systems and how to open (fix) all 7… I didn’t know how important all 7 of them are and I surly did not know all was blocked. But now I know, EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED and everything is energy.

I even mention it to my therapist and she was shocked. Because the steps in the book, was what we were going to work on together during sessions. Even though I’ve never heard them speak about the spiritual part which is your 4 upper chakra (very important too).

The book, The Chakra Healing, a beginner guides was the first book I read and it opened my damn 👁 eyes I tell you no lie. It allowed me to see what area being blocked and how to fix it (unblock them). It speaks on what to eat, protection, yoga and what type of healing crystal and more… I then read The Good Life. Finding peace and joy in a stress out world. Simple but so good. I love that book. Let me tell you, what “they” and the media showing is not the REAL good life!

Image of Chakra system.

Now, these two books I am going to mention are very important to me because, I am a highly sensitive Empath amongst other amazing things. Read highly Sensitive Refuge wrote a nice blog post they break down the types. It’s important for you to find out if you are or not, and what type., There are many types and you can be all or one. Which will explain a lot more about you, trust me…. I did not know, nor did I know how to protect myself so I just kept getting sicker. Until I implemented the things in the books. Again, it’s not going to be easy, it’s not an over night thing and everyone is different, so don’t expect it. I’m still on my own journey. Ase’

Web image

The next set of books I read are; The Empath’s Survival Guide and The Melanin Empath for our sisters ✊🏾… I highly suggest buying them both, reading them and implement the tools and see if they help you too (“Where there’s a well there is a way”). Ase’

The next thing I did was change the way I eat, detox & started taking CBD oil, using only hemp products and taking my vitamins. They help with my anxiety disorder. I purchased all my CBD oils & hemp from a USA company name My Daily Choice they are 100% pure and comes with verifications on all products. I also use their natural essentials oil set during meditation and yoga. Due to my anxiety I also use their relief cream for my muscle pain and tension.

To be honest, when it came to my eating. I didn’t have a choice to what my body wanted to eat, I was all over the place. I can feel my energy depleting and when I eat certain things it get worst. At the beginning I was eating a lot, I use the oral spray by My Daily Choice and that help curve my appetite. At the time I felt I wasn’t happy with my body or self (another chakra block), my self confidence went down.

I recently I’m relearning how to eat and only for energy. Deep down I was still Physically/Clinical depressed. Spiritually my chakras was blocked as well and I needed to go to work on both, like NOW!

  • That is why I like the Chakra System, it guides you to work on physical & spiritual strength to heal naturally.

The most I can eat are organic yogurt, salads, fish and small home cook meals with no salt. I stop using sugar awhile back, unless it’s my hemp sugar cube or a little honey. It seems the more my vibration and self love was rising my body did not crave process food or anything bad.

I now listen to my body on what to eat and drink. I don’t drink soda, coffee, or caffeine. It have to be natural/organic. Everything is Energy! Remember that and they are connected.

That got me on starting my garden at home. And due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. That gave me the time to grow my own things. It’s slowly coming. I’m not rushing it.

I drink water with lemon & herbal tea with CBD sugar cubs or raw honey. The CBD sugar cubs I get from this company call Twin Flame Tea. Along with it I use my awesome Herbal Team maker, take a look at it here and how it’s used. Let me tell you watching it drained in my tea cup feels like magic running through my body. Getting ready to drink my delicious tea is everything. I love it!

If you like to purchase one, I do sell them on my online store for you to buy at, if you like. The herbs works best with it. And thank you for purchasing it from me. Ase’

Next thing I did was love on myself, took spiritual bath, cut all my hair off the beginning of 2020 and start over. Like I mentioned before, women love thy celf and take care of down there. I use Lulus’s all natural Yoni Box. Get her down their right and in balance. That is our sacral place. Don’t neglect it. Also part of he chakra!

And last but not least. My throat chakra. That’s where I speak my authentic truth, speak my purpose and what I truly feel in a healthy way. This blog or short story is of that. Me opening up and speaking about who I am and not giving one fly fuck who cares. Once when someone read it, it too helps them to heal and live a prosperous, beneficial & profitable lifestyle… As FREE as they want.

I did not end at my throat chakra and I still working on the others.

As my journey continues, because it’s not over, my purpose is to share, heal & give to those deserving. I’ve learn one important thing on this journey, which is BOUNDARIES. You should always have some, especially for “energy vampires” near (they drain the life force out of you). That is a must and including speaking and walking in your authentic truth, in a positive & healthy way will set you free!

I am free Spirit, I believe in justice, fairness, karma and FREEDOM. I don’t like to be controlled, rush, or be around anything or anyone negative! I love life and I love those who love me… I remove any negativity immediately. My intentions are always good… I do this because my health and mental state depends on it. I speak my truth! Ase’

Love yourcelf, take care of yourcelf and honor yourcelf! No one going to help you bring yourself out of a dark place more than you can.


I’ll leave below more resources and keep adding as I find them!

  • More Resources To Assist You On Your Journey:

I made sure to try and include where you can easily find the things you. I know how stressful it can be to find them.
  • Learn about doing shadow work on yourself ( it’s very important). I’m still learning and I feel it’s a never ending journey. We are always growing spiritually, either in this life or the next. Don’t let anyone put you in a box or make you feel crazy. Either in this time or the next. Ase’

Here is a free worksheet that was shared with me by Kyra on 25 Heavy -Duty Shadow Work Journal Promptes workbook. I hope it help you too.

Here are some more questions you can ask yourself. And remember to be honest with yourself. You’re the one in need of healing, so don’t lie to yours. You just going to slow the healing process down. And try not to judge yourself in the process. No judgement, ego, or negativity to yourcelf. You are what you think. And what you think and work towards you will manifest it.

These awesome tools was share to me by Kyra the young lady I met online and I call it a divine connection.

I want to truly thank you Kyra for your inputs whenever I asked. And if you don’t know it, your honest to say so. Ase’ ✨

  • This video was shared with me by another fellow spiritual sister. Here name is Brianna Janelle. Thank you for this!

    • If you seek special candles that is already prepare. Ms Lala The Conjure Shop is the place to go. They are proven to give results and she gives instructions to all. When I lit my first one (Halo) to cleanse my home. I tell you no lie, I felt it. I made sure to open my doors. And chanted what I need. REMOVED ALL NEGATIVITY FROM MY HOME. These are not regular candles. They spelled, has LaLa root work, conjure, spirits. They do what they are intended for!

    The is the Mars Candle for protection. I also have my crystals and stones around it for cleansing. Halo for cleansing your home. I started with Halo, then Mars for my home aka my scared safe space.

    From LaLa Inute AHARI, she’s the owner of with her 3 daughters… I get all my candles there.

    • If you looking for some Chakra stone to start with. I started small with Tesh Care Chakra Healing 17 pc Collection. And when I get them, I made sure to cleanse them with Sage Sticks or Palo Santo. Whichever one you feel comfortable using. I use both and also on my body, especially before doing my yoga & meditation. Then put them out to charge in the sun and also during a full moon!

    Hey, I have a plethora of books that you can check out. That has been helpful to my spiritual growth and entrepreneurial growth as well.

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    Feel free to click image below to Checkout my book club for more of the books I’m reading and for you purchase. I add all the books I am reading to grow and heal. I’m always adding more, because I’m always reading and knowledge is power!

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    The most important thing to do is make sure to work on yourself and try not to work on others. You can’t help someone if your not properly healed yourself. Everything is energy and that baggage, hate, trauma, ego, envy or/and negative will transfers to whoever your supposed to be helping. Fix yourself first and everything will fall in place. Stay connected with me on my social media handles if you. I share alot! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @Faithful_4_Love

    Thank you for reading my story. I try to be very transparent with things I know can help. I am also very private and love to keep it that way. I am a real one! I love hard, but I don’t let others use me anymore. I can 👁 right through you. I’m awake! And waking up whoever wants to heal. I don’t force, I just share! My journey is your gateway, I’m already on it. It’s up to you to take things from it. Use it however you feel you need it… It’s not the right way and it’s not the wrong way. IT’S MY WAY I find works for me and I’m implementing and listening to what my body need… Again, These are just my basic things to start you on your healing journey.

    I truly hope they all help. If they do, please share them with me! That helps me to heal more, because I know I’m helping someone!

    Ase’ King & Queens!✨ And stay safe!

    Judika Illes collections of magical books.