About Janielle

I am super excited to welcome you all. And even more excited to work with you.

My name is Janielle Saddler-Barnett and I’m also known as The Hustle Maven. I am a Financial Literacy Advisor. Who’s focus is guiding you to build financial Education and independence. My goal is to show you how to monetize your life, leverage your time and money. As well as building generational wealth…

I am a Business Investor, Inspire Community Activist, Wealth Builder and world traveler.

Founder & CEO of Mommy Hustle Nation, Inc, which is my baby and I take pride in my Empire that I am building. Stay connected with me, you can find me on my Facebook page Janielle Saddler-Barnett. There I continue to share all the great ways to earn money online and how I am building my Online Empire.

I am also CEO of Traveling With Love Travel Agency. Which is a full online travel Agency and seller of travel. I specialize in the cruise industry, with access to all things travel.

My goal is to motivate, encourage you to step out on your greatness and become financially wealthy and live a life of abundance.

I also run a safe and positive private group on Facebook call MHNInc Storefront you have live acess to me and be able to shop from any of my Collections. I not only share things to buy I also share my financial tips, tools and resources for you. DON’T WAIT REQUEST TO JOIN NOW.

I am a Wife and a Mother of 3 beautiful children’s, twin girls who are 11 and my son who is 5 years old. I also work full-time in The Human Service field, which I love to. My goal is to eventually transition into full-time entrepreneurship and travel more helping a nation learn Financial Education.

I am an Islander from my beautiful country of Jamaica. I love life, helping others, I am very humble and genuine. My motto is, “do onto others as you will like be done to you,” and monetize EVERYTHING, I believe that 100%. I also a firm believer that we was not born to be poor and living in poverty. I am always on my hustle and grind for whatever I want. Quitting something is not something I do, so when I do it, I give it my all.

I can’t express how happy I am to be sharing pieces of my life and all the really good things about me. I am a big advocate in what I call #ReferralPower, I believe if you love something, when you share why not earn an extra income. I mean, we was doing it for free for a long time anyways, so why not get paid NOW. I will show you how to share and get paid.

I am a born giver, and I am always willing to help someone out in anyway possible. Which make sense to start my Online Businesses, including my regular job in The Human Service Field. Working with the mental ill, elderly and disable clients. As you can see they are all tie into helping someone and making someone life better… #ILoveWhatIDo

I’m at that age where I now know what God has place into my heart to do, it’s for a reason, which is pushing me to start on the road of Entrepreneurship.


I am at that age where a 33 year old wife, and mother of 3 wonderful kids. My now 5 years old boy and my twin girls who are 11 years old would have someone to look up to…

Having my children’s had given me the drive and will power to start on my journey and step all the way out of my comfort zone. I will be leaving a legacy for them!

I do this for them and the goal is Building Generational Wealth.

I am Hustling my way to Financial Freedom and my journey is YOUR gateway!

Enjoy and be BLESS.