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Legitimate ways to work & earn money from the comfort of ANYWHERE.

My mission is to help you in finding ways to build wealth on your own time… I’ve also realize when it comes to searching it can be confusing and overwhelming to find what you’re looking for. On this page I have shared with you just that, so you can feel safe and comfortable knowing what you choose to join is something legit.

All the opportunities I shared are from verfied establishments that are partnered with MHNInc. As I find new and exciting opportunities to help you earn extra cash, replace that job, find your purpose and most importantly build wealth. I’ll be adding them here for you. I know finding a career from home is constantly evolving and there are always new ways to work right from your home or anywhere you really want to.

Disclosure: These are no “get rich quick” things. CAN YOU GET RICH FROM THESE? YES! Does it require work? YES! Just like anything you do. With your hardwork, dedication and commitment you will see great results & financial stability.

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  1. Travel Industry:
  • Travel Agent:

Referring Travel Rep is open to anyone 18 and older. Book All Thing Travel.
Earn unlimited $1K & $10K bonuses.
Follow the career path of a fully independent Travel Agency & earn in multiple ways.

2. Beauty Industry:

  • How To Launch A Beauty Business

Start up to profit. Here is my free guide on how I launch and supply my beauty business at MHNInc Store.

  • Nuskin Representative:

Want to earn some extra money sharing your favourite Products with friends? Maybe you dream of becoming your own boss? No matter your goals, your Nu Skin®journey will be distinct to you. Which is why with Velocity, you choose your path and your pace.

Learn More Here

**Make Sure to use Sponsor ID# US00928945**

3. Become An Affiliate:

  • My Daily Choice Rep:

MyDailyChoice provides online marketing systems and state-of-the-art success tools to give our Independent Affiliates every opportunity to succeed in business. We recognize the hard work of our Independent Affiliates in this business and reward efforts by paying up to 85% of the total Business Volume (BV) through our unique compensation plan.

  • Legginggirl:

The Legginggirl Affiliates program is open to anyone who is 16 years of age or older.
As an Affiliate you will receive the following benefits:
a. Personal Website URL to be shared on social media.
b. Website back-office with tools to grow and monitor your business
c. Commission on all Legginggirl Customer sales made using your personal URL and much more.

  • Karatbar:

Karatbars International, is an E-Commerce Company, that been made available to us “a simple wealth building system” for everyone on the planet who is 18 years of age and over with 4 Optional ways to participate. A Karatbars Savings Account gives you protection against future financial crisis and rapid inflation. It protects your hard-earned paper currency with physical gold. Karatbars International has the only system in the world where you can get free gold, and free cryptocurrency.

Read more info HERE.

  • BookVip

Looking to earn money for sharing packages already put together. Become an Affiliate with and you can earn 30%.

  • Tava Lifestyle

Looking for a healthy and wellness to aid in your weight loss journey. Tava is the place

Click image below to Join.

  • Avon Now Representative:

Be a beauty influencer, skin care expert, whatever-your-passion entrepreneur, from home or on the go, live or virtually. Make real money toward helping your family, catching up on bills, saving for that splurge. And love the fantastic perks, incentive trips and an incredible community of women who’ve got your back. Selling Avon looks smarter every day!


  • Paparazzi Representative:

The power of Paparazzi is in its simplicity. Choose your Starter Kit, pick a location for your Launch Party and invite your friends to come and shop. Then do it again and again! New styles are added daily, which means you can always restock with the hottest trends and your customers will love you for it. Party as often as you want to and earn 35% – 45% commission on every accessory you sell.

I will be adding to this as I get more. So make sure to subscribe, follow and stay connected so when I add more you’re notified. Checkout my blog for more ways to earn with apps, surveys and more.

Many success to you and I am here to be of any assistance.