How To Earn Free Money.

The best part about earning money with my App$ and Website$ is utilizing there referral program. Where it allow me to share the wonderful things that has help me in my day to day life, especially being a busy Mom of 3 wondeful kids. So having that extra cash or incentives month to month is great.

  • Words of advice; if there is a referral link utilize it, especially if it’s a product you genuinely love. Make sure you allow everyone to know how much you stick by that product.

Most of my things I share on my Facebook page Janielle Saddler App$ Queen is for everyone to have access to it. That is why I created that page, to allow everyone to see how I use them and how they have been successful for me. I even tell you when they have not been. I am giving everyone the Resources so they can choose to sign up with one or all of my refer links. They are fully aware of the good and the bad. That way it gives you the option to choose, and know how to use them.

One thing I won’t do is share anything just because. If I know WE all can benefit from it and I enjoy it, I’m sharing it.

Once I found out about Referral Program it has became one of my favorite ways of earning money. Who wouldn’t want to get pay for referring things you love and enjoy to friends, family and everyone.

I wish someone would of told me about it, especially when I was in college. But now I know so I did my research and found out there was a name for it, Affiliate Marketing. You can read my blog How I Started As An Affiliate Marketer, which tells you the App that got me into doing this.
I enjoy sharing everything I know just so someone can have the same benefits and success I am. I truly believe in sharing is caring. And the saying “God blesses you so you can be a blessing to someone is.”
Every chance you get you should be sharing things and if done the right way it can bring in money for you every year. Even sharing them in a blog, a website or online can be very helpful.
Most of my referral links I include in my blogs, if need be. Referral links is one way a blogger would make money. But don’t just go posting them randomly, make sure what your writing is related to one of your links. I highly encourage you when you’re sharing any of your links just be honesty. Not only will your readers like that but they would also continue to come back for more.
There are alot of different opportunities that allows you to utilize a referral link. And if you don’t see one it doesn’t hurt to shoot that company and email asking. Especially if its a product you enjoy and love.
I thank you all for reading and I hope you continue to. Please feel free to go visit me on my Facebook page Janielle Saddler App$ Queen where I share many ways to earn money. Earning money with Apps, websites and other ways.

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