Janielle’s BOOK CLUB

Welcome to my book club…..

Leaders are readers for sure. Here are my personal selection of books that I use to help boost myself in my Spiritual healing journey & Entrepreneurial journey. They are here to use as I did to help jumpstart your journey.

Enjoy them all! Each book is pack with it’s own personal golden nuggets that is crucial to you & your self discovery to help you development purpose.

Are you feeling stuck? reading not only helps boost your brain activity but also equipped you with life changing tools. To help you Retrained & Recharge your mind, body & Soul.

My Spiritual Journey has been a re-awakening that I forgot. The healing path I took was learning the Chakra System, meditation, yoga & doing things that makes me FEEL good in a positive way. Your mind, body and soul should FEEL whole & FREE again…

My Spiritual Journey is your gateway! Enjoy these books as I did. Ase’

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Here you’ll find a hand picked of books from fellow entrepreneurs and influencers. These books has help me shift my mindset from a W2 worker to a Business woman & Entrepreneur mindset… With each values I take and implement in my daily life has help me thus far. I hope they do they same in your life.

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