How To Get Free Cash With Ebates.

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Have you heard of Ebates? Everyone should have this very simple yet easy and free cashback app to do all their shopping. It’s an awesome app that I use for all my shopping. Either on the go or on the web. I would never leave home without Ebates, because I want my free Cash Back on almost everything I buy.
You can shop with a bunch of big name brands like Kohl’s, Nordstrom, and Amazon plus more so I can always get money back where ever I shop. It’s free and super easy to use!

Earn more by referring people to Ebates. They will give you a free month. Last month they where giving $50 plus $5 more for each person who sign up through you. Every month Ebates will change there “refer a friend” amount. The sweepstakes now is, refer 3 get $60. You can also be enter in there monthly sweepstakes for a change to win.
So I will highly suggest you keeping an eye out on there refer friends program. Even though I have not win one of there sweepstakes yet and I still have hope. This website is total awsome and easy to use.
You can read my article I wrote on Four Awesome Ways To Save On Back-to-school where I will tell you how to use it with other awsome saving and earn money websites.

My overall advice is, this website is total safe and legit and I’ve been using it for few months now and everything that I order through there website I have received. And they have given me my big fat check every 3 months. I will be honest that’s the only thing I don’t like, is that you have to wait that long for your “Big Check”. I do wish it was a shorter time to get pay. But on the good side when I do get my payment into my Paypal account it’s good, because I’m not expecting.

Here is a screen shot to show you they do pay you your “Big Check”

And when your on there site they will let you know that it’s ready and what date to expect your money.

I highly suggest signing up for Ebates Now. You will not regret it.
How To Sign up:

  1. It’s very easy and simple Click Here.
  2. Once signed up you will be given a Free $10 just by signing up.
  3. Then you will want to install there button on your desktop. (Your going to want to do that). Whenever your on your laptop/PC or wherever. Once searching a site for shopping, Ebates will automatically show you what percentage of Cash back is offer to earn. Click Here Ebates Button or for a reminder.
  4. Ebates now offer shopping in store. So when your in a store you just scan the item and see what cash back they offer.

The Ebates button would look just like the picture below. (Imgae from Chrome website).

Dont Wait, join now Click here.

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