How I Earned $405.00 Just By Doing Surveys.

Hey hey guys. I’m back with another money earning source for you all.

Well let me get started by saying, it is kind of frustrated when you are trying to find a legitimate survey website to make a little change on the side. I get it, I was once there with you all. Until I allow myself to take chances and go for it.

One thing I do is make sure that I pay attention to the reviews. But I don’t allow them to cloud my judgement. The reviews just allow me to know what I’m going into.
So with that being said, let me put your mind at ease. And show you how I accomplished earning money with these sites, and show you proof.

After I found these sites and figure how to properly use them it was none stop for me.

Lets get down to it shall we; 😉

What are the sites? Well since you asked;

  • Vindale Research Company: Is a website that is 100% free to use. You will not be asked to purchase anything. They are few sites within the company that Vindale host. Meaning they pay them to have people do survey through them. So you maybe asked to sign into another site to take their surveys but get pay through Vindale. Once set up, you’re on a roll to earning.

Vindale also has a lot of way to earn. You can earn by following them on Twitter, Facebook and their Blog. Where they would give you codes to enter for cash. They also allow you to watch videos to earn, and few games. They will give you a personal link to share with others on any of your social media sites. When someone sign up through your link Vindale will pay you $5. And within the website many other ways to earn more money. This is a pretty cool website I must say.
Here is a copy of my payment in my PayPal account.

  • MintVine Website: Now this has to be the easiest way to earn money doing surveys. It’s free to sign up. Also will not ask you to purchase anything. Let me tell you the website itself is pretty cool on how there set up looks. It is very eye catchy with cartoon like images. You are asked to go to what they call “survey streets” from there you will be given a survey, usually takes about 10 to 30 minutes to complete. Once your points are added up you can cash out for cash.

MintVine also give you a bonus where if you share your with others on anyone of your social media sites you earn 15% and 50 points more once they complete their first survey. So everyone one wins with this awesome site.
Here is my copy. MintVine that they paid me. They payment name is Branded Research Inc.

  • Paid This website will give you surveys to take that pays you up to $2 but don’t get discourage, if you do take the survey and did not get qualified you’re still going to get paid and you will earn $.10. Yeah I know it’s not a lot but believe me those $.10 adds up.

Paid Viewpoint will also give you up to $25 for every friends you invite with your personal link to share on all your social media sites. When they sign up and complete and cash out you earn.


With these websites they are also mobile apps that you can download.

  • 1Q (App): this is a website that also has a free app to download. You are given fast and easy survey to answer. You can also answer marketing research Questions for $.25 or $.50.

1Q also give you the Bonus of paying you $.25 for referring friends when they register with your link (they have this once in a while see keep a look out).

And the best part you don’t have to wait to cash out. Because once you completed your survey your money goes straight into your PayPal instantly.

  • VoxPopMe (App ): Now guys, this website was the first for me. And I’m so happy I found it. Voxpopme allows you to take 30 sec video surveys. Did you hear me, yes video survey, so instead of Sitting there filling out surveys doing multiple choose. They asked you marketing research question and you have up to 30 sec to answer it by recording yourself. When finish they review it and you just earn $.50.

VoxPopMe will give you $1 for you sharing your link on all your social media sites. And once they sign up through your link and complete a survey you earn $1.

I absolutely love all my websites and apps I’m using to earn some extra cash. And on my free time or lunch breaking I will do them. Again, I made sure I also shared all my personal links, do all the surveys to be able to accomplish my earnings.

Now even though all of the above are my personal link and I earn those bonus I mention above. I still would have share this with you all. Because it’s free and easy money out there so why not spread the love ❤. And it’s totally LEGIT!

Enjoy and go get that money. Make sure you come back and check the site because I update it as I find more. Or you can check me out on my Facebook page Janielle Saddler App Queen like and stay connect with me where I share many more ways to earn. 🤑

Links below to safety sign up:

*Disclaimer: These are my Affiliate links.

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