How I Accomplished My Saving Goal$ Using These Two App$.

Finding just the right apps to download and use is kind of simple. Just find the one that you can related to and enjoy. And make sure you’re utilizing all the benefits of that app.
This is what I look for when I’m searching for any apps;

  1. Make sure it’s one that I can implement in my life.
  2. One that I can enjoy.
  3. One that will give me some form of incentives.
  4. One that will give me referral power to share.
  5. And one that will allow my referrers to earn the same benefits as I do or more.

Having the courage to choose the right app to download to my smart phone may not be as quick as 1, 2, 3 and can be very confusing and scary at times. Especially if you don’t know which one to trust. Or which one will take up your time and phone space. But when you do find one it can be F.U.N (Fun, Ultimate perks and Necessary).

I’m here to help you and put ease to your worry minds. Yes these are legit and yes I’m using them both.

  1. Take my first favorite app that I use to help me save.

Digit: This alone is by far one of my favorite app to use to save and it has help me reach my saving goals. It comes with a lot of Perks and benefits as well, which I explain in more detail in How I save and earn with digit.
All you need to do is link a bank account to it. Digit being so smart will then analyzes your account for the first few days and once it figure out your spending habits. It can determine how to save for you. It finds little change here and there that help you save.
Now if you don’t have funds digit will not save, until you do.

Without this app I could not accomplish any of my saving goals right now. I just set it and forget it and let digit works.
My saving accomplishments;

2. My second favorite app that I’m using as well is,

Qapital, is relatively similar to digit. But instead of one saving method. You can set up multiple saving goals at the same time, in different ways and have it automatically done for you!
By using this it allows me to set up a vacation saving plan which should be complete in few months to come.

Yeahhhh!!! I’m going on a vacation soon 😆 lol, but really guys, this is another one of my set it and forget it saving apps.

Tip: When doing my monthly budgeting I make sure to add how much is going to be coming out of my bank account. I can do this because I am doing the 52 week saving challenge. Which I do the beginning of every year. It tells me when and how much is being place in my Qapital savings account to be able to budget correctly.

Another good thing about qapital is, if the funds are not there to transfer, it will cancel to save you an overdraft fee. Also if you have less than $100 it would automatically pause your savings and restart when you have the funds in your bank.
My saving accomplishments;

An update screen shot of my saving goals 08/26/18;

Both these apps are legit, safe and easy to use. They are both FDIC insure so your money is protected.

Update: They do charge a small monthly fee. In my opinion, well worth it!

Being a mom with a full-time job with two 9-year-old twin girls who have appointments almost twice a week, every week. A very active 2 year old boy who keeps me on my feet, a business owner and being a wife. It can be hard to keep track of my savings, or attempt to save. Thanks to these two apps I can accomplished that plus more. And my favorite part is its AUTOMATICALLY done for you.

So, for anyone looking to save, I highly recommend downloading the Qapital and Digit app$. You will not regret it.

Want to see a walkthrough of this app watch HERE and watch on my YouTube channel.

  • Bonus: Both these app will give you unlimited $5 for each person you refer. And qapital will give you both $5 (Talk about ultimate saving). Now go out there and kick some savings and earning butt.

Good luck and enjoy!!! ❤

Let me know in the comments how you like them.

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