How To Save and Earning Money with Digit.

This is my go to app for Savings. Digit and I are best friends/ partners (In my head) 😆 and I absolutely love it. I can’t explain how this app has help me save and earn money on top of it. I call it my set it and forget it app. And when I’m ready to check on it, which I try to limit the amount of time I check my digit account because I wanted it to be a surprise for me. I believe if you don’t see it you won’t touch your money.

Let Me Explains what Digit is:
Digit use to be a free app that you can easily download to your phone. Starting 2018 they do charge a small monthly fee of $2.95. Last time a check they only had the actual app for IOS (I will explain later why I personally don’t think you need the app). You can sign easily over the web too.
Once you do that you would link whatever bank account you want to use (preferable an account you use mostly). When you do that digit will then analyzes that account to see how your spending habits are and where it can save you money. When it start to save for you it does it little by little so you never will see it.

You can automate your transfers or do it manually, so your money is very easy to save. Rest assure your money is FDIC insured so it is protected up to the state value amount. You can withdrawal your money, be advice it takes about 3 business days to transfer back into your main account. You can also add to your Digit Saving Account so yes this very smart app is the best.

How I use digit to add to my saving.

When you think this app cannot get any better they add bouns to it.

Digit not only is helping you save but it add to your saving. Digit would give you a personal link to share with your friends and family. Once someone you shared the link with and they click on it it would take them to the website to sign up for their very own digit saving account.

Now once they have successfully done so digit would transfer $5 for helping your friend save. NOT BAD for a free app that save you money. I’ve made about $545.00 in a few months just by signing friends and family. And they love the app too!

Now remember I mention that you may not need to use the app. So don’t worry if they don’t have it for android yet (last time I check they didn’t).

Everything Digit do is through texting you. You can text it to transfer money, save more, save less, stop saving or request a balance of both digit and your main account balance. So truthfully I really don’t go on the app or use it because I never needed to.

I wrote this review about digit because I believe it’s an app everyone should have. It just made sense. Help you save and pays you, all free money just for sharing it. You can’t beat that.

So why wait get on your saving journey like me.. Click here to start.

Enjoy ❤

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