The Easiest Way To Save With Qapital.

I always love to find ways to save automatically and one of my saving apps I use is Qapital. It has help me to set up multiple saving goals at once.

Qapital is a easy saving app to use and those who has been using it since it was first launched get to be grandfathered in the free version. You connect your bank account that you choose to use. It will automate your savings for you once you trigger one of the special rules you set up. Plus qapital also include a lot more perks, which I talk more about at the end.

Released: June 18, 2018

  • New! App Shortcuts. Now you can create a goal, transfer money, or view your account activity even faster. Just long press the app icon to launch the shortcuts.

Released: December 18, 2018

Spending Sweet Spot is getting better

  • New status visualization for Spending Sweet Spot that gives you an instant overview of what you’ve spent.
  • Now certain transactions like rent payments are automatically excluded, giving you a more accurate picture of the expenditure you want to track. You can easily review all transactions and re-include any you choose to.

Ways to Save With Qapital
This app is unique because you can choose from several ways to automate your transfers and start saving. These options are called, RULES.

Here are a few of the rules you can set up:

  1. Round up purchases: This is my favorite rule. Every time you buy something (with a checking account or credit card that’s synced to Qapital), it will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference into your savings account. Choose this rule to watch change add up into real dough.
  2. Automate the 52-week challenge: This is the first saving rule I started with when I first started using Qapital. Well, for me putting money away each week to keep up with the challenge was no where near easy for me to do or always easy to remember. I try doing the paper version of this challenge. Until I learned about this app, YES! Problem solved: Qapital will take care of the automatic transfers for you each week of the challenge.

    I like to do this every year and buld up my emergency fund and travel money for the follow year.

    52_Week_Money_Challenge_Chart 😊

  3. Save what you don’t spend: If you spend less in an area of your budget than planned. Qapital can transfer the difference for you automatically. For example, if you budget $50 per week for gas and then spend just $45, Qapital will put that $5 into savings. This is pretty cool.
  4. Basic transfer rule: Now if your looking for a certain amount of money or you have a goal to reach at a certain time. Then you can set up simple weekly and monthly transfers into your savings.
  5. Automate savings for self-employment taxes. If you run a business, you need to save money for taxes. Qapital can help you automate this, too.
  6. Charge yourself for spending. This rule is definitely one for the spenders. I mention this to my younger sister who is a spender. To make this be her first rule option. Because she is a high spender but a low saver this is just for her. You can set up a money transfer that occurs whenever you make a guilty purchase to deter you from overspending. Think of it as a tiny slap on the wrist (or mini-angel on your shoulder stopping you from swiping).😁

This is How it work:
As like the rules I explain above. With this fabulous app you can choose special saving rules for it to start triggering a saving for you and safely move it from your checking account to the Qapital saving account. That allow you to stack up your saving as you go.
If you are like me who has a problem saving. Or saving in my Main bank account but seem to always dipping in it. Then this app will be perfect for you. Set it and for get it I call it. Qapital is FDIC insured which means the money saved up is insured up to $250,000.
Whenever you’re ready you have the option to withdraw your money. You can do so with ease at anytime for free. And the money goes back to the account that it is link to.

I advice you try not to keep dipping into it because thats taking away from your savings.
So, do what I do and make sure you have few change in your account each week to allow the transfer from your bank to Qapital Saving Account.

But rest assure if you forgot (like I did) to keep money in your account to be transfer. Qapital will cancel it to save your accouny from an overdraft fee. If you go below a $100 threshold, it will also cancel your transfer to save your bank from a overdraft fee. Qapital will send you an email letting you know. Then it would restart once you have funds.

The app is available for Iphone and Android and signing up takes just a few minutes, and dont forget to DOWNLOAD QAPITAL.

How to sign up with Qapital

Now lets get down to business, how to sign up. 😆

It is crazy easy to set up and save with Qapital and once your all sign up there is a perk, which I explain more later.

1. Download the App

It’s 100% safe to download and

use at your leisure. You also gain $5 once you download and get started HERE.

2. Set Up Account Security

Qapital has a few layers of security including encryption, which is good news. You’ll create a username and password, plus a four digit pin that’ll be used to access your account.

3. Create a Goal and Set Rules

After the sign-up steps, make sure to link your checking account and create a savings goal. Then you choose from the rules we highlighted above to start saving. Here’s what the rules look like in the app:

4. Withdraw Cash

Withdrawing money from the account will take a few business days. Not a bad thing, because this can also deter you from dipping into your savings.

Now are you ready to get down to saving? FABULOUS!

What sets this app apart is the multiple ways you can automate to your savings account. The options are almost endless.


*Round up change on debit & credit purchases and save it toward a Goal.

*Set a budget and save when you stay under it.

*Fine yourself for indulging in guilty pleasures.

*Connect with other apps through IFTTT.

*Focus on your progress, not your bank balance.

*Track your spending and saving over time.

Qapital offers:

✔FDIC-insured savings.

✔No monthly or annual fee.

✔No minimum deposit.

✔Goal-based savings.

✔Automated transfers

✔No hidden fees.

👉 Now here are the perks:

Once your all set up and on the roll of saving. Qapital will give you a personal Affiliate link similar to the one below, but unique.


To share with friends, family and everyone. Once you do that Qapital will give you both FREE $5 for each person who sign up via your link.

This is absolutely a great app to use, and I signed my entry family up with it. I have accomplished so many saving goals and working toward my vacation goal now. And I feel everyone can benifit from it.

As you can see a screen shot of my saving;

I’m a few savings away toward adding to my vacation.

Update picture.


Now if you have not sign up, do so now just CLICK HERE and start saving. Grab your free $5 when you do. Put it towards your save or use.

Enjoy and happy savings!

Please share your saving goals with us.

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