Why I Am Excited About Network Marketing!

Let’s start with why I started? I started for the simple fact of curiosity. I was curious of what was network marketing? How do people be successful in the business? And what was all the Rave about? So you see my curiosity got the best of me, so I looked into it even more. I didn’t jump right into it, took me a few years until I figured, hey why not?. 

I actually started network marketing because I was in Affiliated marketing and loved every minute of. I told myself It couldn’t be any different so why not give it a chance. To me it was simple just find something I genuinely liked and share it with the world. That kind of got me into network marketing. 

I did not know I was coming into this particular business. Until I meant my sponsor /mentor and partner in the Business. She introduced me to another world that opened up my eyes to different opportunities. Meeting different people, going to different places, and what was a bouns for me was that I was going to be able to save money.

Anytime I can save money that’s a plus for me. I’m a wife and a mom of 3 so all the savings I can get is plus. I also came to the realization that it was time for me and my family to start traveling. And we all know traveling is expensive, especially for a family of five.

I always wanted to travel but because I worked so many hours. Having 3 jobs and couldn’t spend time with my family was already hard. So I knew  I needed to change something in my life. All my research I’ve done after being curious about network marketing. I like the fact of being financially free. Being Your Own Boss. Starting something for your family. 

It got me thinking THIS CAN BE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!  so my sponsor followed up with me few months back. I took a leap of faith, used all my money I earned from my affiliate marketing with my free Apps & survey websites to started my business. 

I was shown an opportunity that now allows us to afford vacations with our family and they no longer seem too expensive or TOO SHORT!!

I ask my family memebers. If you were given an opportunity to live every day exactly the way you WANT TO LIVE …. would you take it?

Lets just say they didn’t believe in it. Like most people do, they think it is a “pyramid scheme” or “fake.” I can’t blame them because we have people out there that take advantage of others. So the legitimate company’s out there have to suffer for it. So when I ask the questions all I get is why am I getting into network marketing? They knew I wanted to open up my own visiting home business. To get elders out of the nursing home and into their own home. So why didn’t I continue pursuing it? We all know that can be expensive. So starting with a network marketing was much easier and it can help build my entrepreneur skills.

So yes, I took that leap of faith and started my own home base business. I love every minute of it. Because of the different people from all over the world. I get to meet them and talk with them, find out why they need this opportunity. I even get to make a positive impact on their lives. Because I have something to offer them that is going to benefit them.

My years of working in the HUMAN SERVICES FIELD never gave my family and I the chance to create freedom like this!

Now we are working towards living EVERY day like it was a vacation! 

I wanted to live a lifestyle that I can be proud of and one day give to my kids.

Let me share a bit of my life story with you.. I’ve been working with the elderly & disable for 14 years and honestly I love every minute of it. Becuase I was working to help others who couldn’t help themself in their everyday life. I can’t say that I have had many hardships in my years of my working life… because I really haven’t, but recently I’ve been missing out on a lot of things, and with my health not being how I want it to be, I know it was time for a change. But I leave it all in God hands. I wanted to travel more with my husband and kids.., But I was going be missing out on them because of working 3 jobs… 

I never had many issues with money but being in bebt, college loans, medical bills and so forth was my problems and taking all my money. I mostly was working long hours, double shifts & Overtime just to pay my bills and that was taking a toll on my body. And the problem has always been not having enough TIME… not enough time to spend on myself, the things I want to do, the places I want to go.… Because I am always at work… AND most importantly not enough time to spend with my family…. 

I felt HORRIBLE every time I missed something… 

When you work in this field, time off is sometimes hard to do becuase I had clients depending on me in their homes and for their medical appointments that they had to be at. 

Holidays was not a thing I automatically had off. So working it and working 7 days a week was my life… you don’t want to take too much time off or next thing you know you’ll be replaced or laid off.. or you just can’t afford to take more than a couple days at a time…   

And when you do get that time off… it never seems to be long enough. But recently… even with all that hard work, I am still just getting by… 

Living my life, supporting my family and JUST paying the bills, really not getting ahead at all. And it was something I was not happy about.

I would alway be worrying if there will be enough money to give my family the life they deserve, which led me to wonder if there was another way… another way to make our life the one we had always dreamed of. 

And then that is when I stumbled across my sponsor on Facebook who introduced this opportunity to me and I listen to what she had to say. It was a chance I wanted and willing to do just So I can spend more time with my family. I always have to work hard, long days in and out and now it is slowly fading to the back of my mind… 

I create an online business from home that has been changing my life and I am very proud of. 

I am very appreciative to my sponsor/partner to introduce SURGE365 to me, becuase it has been wonderful in every way. It has given me the support of an incredible and positive team of like minded people who all share similar goals. And we are working on creating the life we WANT to live.. not the life we HAVE to live.

Now, this is not a get rich thing. It  has its challenge, but like any business you have to work for it. And that I did, I work for every goal I wanted. People fail to realize that being in this business is just like being in any other job. But the benefits are, you’re your own boss, set your own hours, be your own accountant, and secretary. So yes there are challenges and learning curves. But it won’t happen till you try and you won’t know until you say YES to the opportunity that is offered to you. 

Network marketing offered me what I was looking for. What made it wonderful, I did not have to worry no more about a start up cost. I genuinely love talking to people, being social, being a part of a wonderful team and sharing the business opportunity that I believe in to those who are looking for another stream of income, extra money are working full-time, part-time or any time. That’s what network marketing did for me.

The great thing is, anyone can do it. Why? Because I am right beside them and I will be coaching, support and encouraging people with their business. You are Not alone in this business! It does not require you to go back to school (and we all know that’s more debt). You get to earn money while you learn! One thing I also like to warn people and I said it earlier. ***THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCAM.*** You have to have patience, you have to treat it like your precious baby plant that you were nurturing, watering and watching it grow. It can take 4 years, 6 even maybe 10 years depending on how consistent you are with it. the good news is its not constant! You do not have to work it 5 days a week at 8 hours everyday.

I coach you on how to fit it in where you can! I train you how to become organized and strategic. if I am not available I have a team of people to back me up! Now you tell me how great is that! 

When I started and see the value of what I had, my first questions is why isn’t everyone doing this? And I came to the realization that people want easy, easy way out, easy money and just being safe. Also they just don’t want to put in the work or time for it. Most people are looking for overnight riches…. hahaha, I would say they have that “lottery mentality.” It is such a disservice to themselves as they will most likely never become successful in life. And continue on in the rat race.

Just for the simple fact that they are not willing to put in the effort with whatever they choose to do. They are more keen to run to the next easy thing and if that’s the case, which most get scam out of their hard earn money. Heck if it was easy everyone would be doing it! So you have to work for it.

Now, if just by chance you are that few that is willing to put an effort in it. Then you will definitely have my 100% support. This business is for those who are self-motivated, looking for a change and is coach-able.

I have been in my business 2 months and few weeks and becuase I was willing to learn and I had an awesome coach. I was able to hit my 3 goals I set out for sense started. With in a month I become a team builder 

And was able to start building my own team. I then set out to earn my fast start bouns, which you get in you your first 30 days of the business. Sad to say I didn’t meet it by 2 points 😥 but that was okay. I sure did earn it in my second month.

And boy was I excited for it. Nothing and no one could take my joy for what I have accomplished. And I wanted everyone to know about it. Why not show everyone the benefits and opportunity of being in a network marketing. In my 14 years of working a 9 to 5 not once had I made this much money. My excitement shown!!! 😆

So I ask you all, before say something is a “pyramid scheme” research it, listen and allow yourself to be open to different opportunities.

I hope this help those people who don’t know, second guessing, dismissing it or just curious like I was. To have an understanding that network marketing can be another way to go up in the successful ladder. I also hope this sheds some light on this awesome and growing industry. So, next time someone asks you to take a listen to new opportunity, keep an open mind and let them explain it AND just ask them questions! 😘

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