Apps That Pays Me Money

Apps That Pays Me Real Cash: My money helps increase my bank account.

Hey guys,

I’m super excited because I get to go into details about some of my favorite Apps that I am using to earn an extra money. I love talking about these apps. Especially being a mom of 3, every penny counts! With each money I make I get to take my little ones out on our play date and family date night!

Another reason why I love to share them with you all, is so you too can benefit like I do and make extra money. I truly enjoy using them for what they are for, and I love the perks even more.

I will talk more about the perks with each one as I go in details. And trust me, you’re going to love it too.

I’ve used many apps and shared them here and also sharing them on my Facebook Page Janielle Saddler-Barnett along with other money making things.
I have researched them to make sure they are legit for you all to use successfully. When you choose to use them you can make some Extra Cash with these very simple apps.
To be honest not a lot of people know about them and what they can do. All the Apps that I’m going to be talking about here are ones that I am currently using and have successfully cashout.

I will make sure to leave all my links for you to safetly download and fast for you to find. These are my Affiliate links.
Just make sure you all come back and check often on this article because I’m always finding and sharing my latest apps. So once I find them, test them out I will surly share it with you all by adding more to this list. And remember you can go on over and like my Facebook page Janielle Saddler-Barnett to stay connected with me for instead updates. You can always find me there.
Now lets get down to the Awesomeness so you guys can get on your way and start earning some FREE money.
Here Are The Apps that Actually Pays Money:

Google Opinion Reward
I believe everyone should have this app. What better way to earn money and use it to purchase things on your Google store. You can get paid for answering short surveys and earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards. This app is created by Google Consumer Surveys.
Getting started is easy. All you need to do is Click Here.
Once you installed the app and answer basic questions about yourself. They then send you surveys once a week, although it may be more or less frequently. You’ll get a notification on your phone when a short and relevant survey is ready for you.

You can receive up to $1.00 in Play credits for completing the questions. Questions can range from, “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”

Download Google Opinion Rewards and get started. Join Now.

I have a total of $10 that I’m letting built up until I find something I really like to buy.

Join Here
Stash Investment App:

Stash is an app I enjoy using because it is helpful and the perks are great. It’s an app for all, begininers or pros who are willing to test the waters or just need a tool to use.
I started using stash because I wanted to know what stock and investing was about and I wanted to make some money from it. I also think of it as a savings that is building up money for me. For example; A bank gives you interest for holding your money, but the interest they give is very low.
Stash is higher because I am getting my dividends paid to me. For those who are thinking, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS DIVIDENDS? Now, dont worry, I’ll example; So dividends are a sum of money paid regularly typically quarterly by a company to it’s shareholders (people who buy parts of the company) out of its profits or reserves. Now That’s easy money right there.

Disclaimer (Now just keep in mine even though I personally think of stash as a savings. It is still investing so it’s unpredictable, you can win or lose.)

But overall with all the helpful information that stash gives you, you can become a pro in no time. Your basically walking around with your personal investment person in your pocket.

*The Perks*

When you Start investing with Stash today! Stash will pay you and that person who refer you $5 when they sign up with your link. So my advice is make sure you sign up with someone who refer you to be able to get that free money.

Here is my link, Click here to start.

Your money is also protect, it’s FDIC insure and you can also withdraw your money very easy. Just request it and It will go back into the link account in 3 days. I try not to do that too much, since my goals is to build it up.

When you do sign up and with the help of stash they will help you to pick your perfect Protfolio to match your needs. I enjoy receiving their emails about investment advice and my Protfolio. You can learn a lot by having this free app. Again get started here Join Now.

Slidejoy app:

I’m not going to lie, if you don’t have this app your missing out on alot. It’s a cool app that pays you just to slide opening your phone, check advertisement and read articles.

Slidejoy pays you in “diamonds” and just by you sliding open your phone your points adds up a lot. 1000 diamond. = $1 and trust me everyone open their phone more than once. They also have other ways to earn more diamonds. They have cashout every month. And during that time a certian amount is given to cashout. Or you can leave it so it builds up. That is what I am doing. As you can see below.

You can request your money get it sent to either your PayPal account or gift card. 😉

Lets get you started Join Now.

Acorn: Investment App

Acorn is simialair to stash, it is also an investment app. Which I use just the same way. This was the first investment app I have started with before finding out about stash. I love them both and used them both. It set up a portfolio for you and invest a percentage for you.

Acorn also gives you many ways to invest into your account. It can round up your change to $5 then invest it automatically for you. You can manually set up a certain amount.
Acorn is also link with few stores. If you shop online with them, they will invest a precentage into your Acorn account (Pretty cool if you ask me). If by any reasons you need to you can pause it from automatically rounding up to be invested.

*The Perks*

When you sign up with a person who refer you, you get $5 and $5 for your friend for sharing with them. Now lets go out and get that free money Click here to start.

Digit App: A savings app

Digit is one of my favorite app it is the first app that I use that show me I can make money by using apps. Head on over and read my article about how Digit got me started How to save and earning with digit.

👉 How digit works:

Digit analyzes your account and help you save, if you don’t have anything to save it will not save for you. So it will not overdraw your account. Your money is also FDIC insure. So it has all the protection of a brick and motor bank. And it’s easy to request when need be. If you do request it, it will take 3 days to be placed back into your account.

Update: 2017 digit now charge a fee of $2.99 a month (But worth it).

$$ The Perks $$

With digit it will ask you “Looking to make more and boost your savings.” Which means, with each friend you refer you earn $5 once they start saving. I’ve made money from digit just for sharing this awesome app. Not only has it help me to earn but it helps me to save money ALOT. Below is a most recent after I transfer most of my money back into my bank.

Get started here Join Here.

Qapital: A Savings App

Qapital is just like digit. But instead of one saving you can set up multiple saving goals at the same time! It is also FDIC insure so your money is protected. Want to know more about Qapital read my article The Easiest Way to Save With Qapital. I really enjoy this app and I think you will to.

*The Perk*

Once you sign up, you and the person who refer you will get a free $5. Not bad for a free app that helps you save.

Join here to get started.

Shopkick App:

With Shopkick you will be earning points for walking into any store are buying items. You also get to build teams and earn that way. You can recived your earning cashout for gift cards to your favorite stores or for some really good items. Like headphones, speakers, or blenders and so much more. I think I’m obsessed with this app. I find it to be very beneficial when I’m walking around the mall or a strip of stores. I just rack up my points and let it build up to cashout. My goal is for the $100 Walmart gift card. I love Walmart! 😆

A must have! 😎 click to Join Here.


Swagbucks is my favorite app to use to make money online. Mainly because it offers many different ways to earn including searching the internet, watching videos, and taking surveys.

I’ve actually been using the computer version of Swagbucks for a few years, but really started using the app within the last year.
Get the Swagbucks App Click Here.


Now this app was first for me. I enjoy using it because not only am I doing fast and easy survey. They are videosurvey at that. Voxpopme will give you one market research survey at a time. You have 39sec max to answer. And once apporve you earn $.50.

Tip: Make sure you do the surveys as soon as they offer it. They only give 100 people the choice to answer. But don’t do them while driving. YOU WILL GET DENIED!

$$ The perk $$

With each friend you invite to this awesome app they will give you $1. And you can request your money in your paypal account.

Ready to try it out?! Click here to start.

This app is an awesome way to get paid $.25 to answer polls or you can have them text you the polls. You’ll receive a multiple choice poll and all you have to do is respond with a 1 letter answer to get paid $.25 immediately to your PayPal account.

I’ve been using this app for few months now and it’s one of the easiest ways to make extra cash with your smartphone instantly.

Once in awhile they will have refer a friend to earn more. Like I mentioned, they pay you $.25 immediately so the picture below shows some payments I’ve received:

Join 1Q Now to get you started.


Ibotta is a shopping cash back app that lets you grocery shop and then scan your receipt to earn money on what you bought. I really like this app and the best thing is that everyone grocery shops, so anyone can use this app to make some extra cash.

I’ve been using this app for a few years now and can always make $2-$10 a shopping trip.

Use my referral code, kjwbfgc, and you can earn an extra $10.
Join Ibotta now Click Here.


I absolutely love Ebates. It is another cash back app, but it focuses on online shopping. They just came out with a option to shop while in the store. Ebates pays cash back to over 1,000+ stores. I use this app for all of my online purchases and can make $5-$25 for each purchases pretty easily.

Again, I’ve been using this app for a few years and it’s really helped me save money.

Just for joining you can earn $10 if someone refer you! Also they have a great referral friend program to earn $25 unlimited. You can also be entered in a sweepstake contest that they have once in awhile.

You can see proof of my latest payments below:

Update: 2018

To learn and join Ebates Click Here!

Surveys On The Go:

Surveys On The Go is an app that pays you to take surveys only. It’s one my favorite app to use to just take surveys on, but it’s not an app that allows you to take multiple surveys at anytime.

Once you join you’ll be notified when a new survey is available, also most surveys are location based so you need to share location to maximize earnings.

Ready to try it, Join here.

Panel App:

I’ve been using this app called The Panel App. It’s super easy to earn gift cards & cash by walking around with your phone! It is total safe and easy to use.

Some of the surveys will ask you your location and what you enjoy about the place that you visited.

You can also earn 15% of whoever you refer to use this app. Right now I am allowing my points to build up and cashout for a bigger value.

Check it out here Join Here.


If you have not heard about this app you have to try it, it’s called CheckPoints. It’s an addictively fun app that rewards you while you shop. It also allow you to watch videos and other ways to earn points. You can cash out for gift cards or paypal.

Just for starting if you use my code Janielle4u you get free points to start off with.

So don’t wait, Click here to join.

Square Cash App:

I found this cool little app while on my vacation. This is one of my fairly new apps. But while on vacation I needed money be sent to me. I had no other way until I found out about this app. It will help you send money and receive money from anyone.

$$ The Perk $$

If you refer someone to this app using your code you both will get free $10. I don’t know about you but those $10 adds up. Here is my code use it and we’ll each get $10! ((NLRWWFX))

Click here to join.

Now even though I am always on the lookout for more apps. I also use two great free website to earn some big cash with.

Vindale Research Company:

Now this website has paid me greatly. Because not only is it not one of the best free website to use and take surveys. They also will pay you on time. And to add to your money, with each friend you refer you get $5. You can request payments to go into your paypal account or have them send you a check. But it’s faster with Paypal.

You can check out a tutorial video that I did for you all. It is a walk through of the website and it will show you step by step of how the cash out looks.

Click here to start watching the tutorial video.

To get started click here to Join Now.

MintVine Website:

This is another free and awesome website also know as Branded Surveys to take fast and easy surveys. This site is so easy to use anyone can start using it from day one. There surveys are up to 15 to 25 mins max to do.

$$ The Perks $$

With each friend you invite to join you get 50% and then 15% after. So everyone is winning with this website. I enjoy this website a lot. Just being on it makes me happy. Because there themes are bright and cartoonist.

Why wait click here to Join Now.

Wow! Thank you for checking out my apps, there’s a lot more apps that are legitimate. It is my job to find them and share with you. I also use a few other ways to make money online.

Make sure to check out the other blogs I have written that show you how I earn extra cash with websites. And what I use to earn money. I have a nice blog where I share, the apps that made me over $405 in 30 days.

It was nice to have written this for you all. And I thank you for stopping by. I look forward to writing more for you.

Have a Blessed day. 😚

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