Ways To Make Money With Your Blog.

Ways To Make Money With Your Blog: Even A Newbie Blogger Can Start On Day One.

( Post contain affiliate links)

I am no where near making millions (YET) with my blog. So please don’t think I have made it rich (even though I wish). I have many ways to go until my blog is where I would like it to be. Yes I am making some money but nowhere near my goal. I’m going to share with you how you can successfully earn with your own blog, even on day one.

When it comes down to running a professional blog it may not be free, there are domain fees and hosting fees to think about. These expenses can range from about $8 to $200. Sometimes you can catch them when they are one sale. Also there are some that gives you the option to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on your budget and what your looking for. 

Now, there are free site that allow you to use. But you would not have ownership to your domian name and when your ready to personalize it the fees will start kicking in. When I first started I started on the free a site. Then eventually move on up to investing in my blog. Read my atricle A Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up a Website on how I build a free website/blog.

I made sure to set up goals for myself to make sure my blog would be profitable, so profitably that it will allow me to quit my fulltime job so I can stop working so much. So to put your mind at easy I did the work for you. 😊 

Here are 5 ways to start monetize with your blog;

1. Alway know that your blog is never too small to start earning right away.

I highly recommend all new bloggers sign up for the Amazon affiliate program or some products that has referral program, which means refer-a-friend and earn referral money. There are also some companies you can sign up to that gives you that benefit. Also I suggest you sign up for Google Adsense in the first month or two of blogging (I wish someone told me this earlier).

You probably won’t earn much the first year, but it will teach you and allow you to get used to placing advertisements in your sidebars and placing affiliate links in your posts.

It will also get your readers used to them. Without them bloggers will not get paid for their time and believe me, a lot of time goes into producing a blog.

2. At first you will be too small for some income sources, but don’t get discouraged

I applied for as many affiliate networks right away when I started blogging but was turned down by few of them. After reading the fine print I realized some affiliate networks out there have a 10,000 unique visitor minimum, others have a 50,000 unique visitor minimum, and still others are as high as 150,000 unique visitors per month. Nowing that was mind-blowing and I had alot of work to do.

Instead of allowing that to discouraged me I start thinking outside the box for ways I can make money as well as looking for ways to increase the size of my audience. Lucky think I’m one of those person to think quick and work will under pressure. Also knowing ahead of time how many visiters I needed for my blog allow me to set goals for myself. So you I eventually sign up for these programs. The last 3 points of this article will help you with these 2 things.

3. Use referral links for companies/products you genuinely care for and enjoy using personally.

I have used point reward programs, which allow me to get cashback, gift cards and even money. Doing that have help me with saving and even investing in my blog. Before I started blogging I was familiar with referral programs (refer-a-friend). You can read more on my article How I Started As An Affiliated Marketer. That will show you how I got my feet wet.

That is one of the reasons I started writing my blogs. Which is to share how I have sucessfully earn money. I want my readers to get the same benefits that I am getting. For my blog to run smoothly and profit it made sense to put a few ads here and there for these companies in my sidebar and the links in my posts whenever I needed to.

Like I stated before the key to sharing referral links is to share companies that either your family has personally used and loved or at the very least those that come highly recommended by people you know, love and trust. So when your referring them its a genuine product that is good for them.

But, if I where to share a referral link for a company I have not used personally yet, I disclose that I have researched it but haven’t personally used it yet. Reason being, I do spend time reading reviews and searching for some good once. Because my facebook fan page Janielle Saddler App$ Queen I share things there. Especially if they don’t go with my blog subject at that time. But I do know that they can be useful to someone so they go on my fan page.

Now here are some companies that you can start with and they give you referral power to add to your blog:

Point Programs That Offer Referral Links

Survey Companies That Offer Referral Links for cash.

Online Clothing Consignment Style Stores That Offer Referral Links

Apps With Referral Links for cash.

Online Cash Back Companies With Referral Links

Discounted Gift Card Companies

Companies With Referral Links

On my Facebook fan page Janielle Saddler App$ Queen is where I go into detail of all my apps and websit3e and how I use them. I also share ways to earn free money and great referral incentives. I’m continually on the look out for other companies and apps that offer referral programs. With referral links I can share as many as I want and if need be share on my blog. Which allows me to not only be helping someone to gain the same benefits as I am getting, but also help me to monetize on my blog. Which is how most bloggers start off earning money from their blogs. I love trying out new companies and seeing if they might be a good fit for my audience. Sharing great deals with others is another reason I started my blog.

As time goes own I will be finding more companies with sharable referral links  I like to update my list of apps and website. My Facebook fan Janielle Saddler App$ Queen is also another way I can keep track of all my referral links. 

These companies pay me in various ways, from points that I can cash in for gift cards, store credits I can use to purchase items on their site and hard earn cash. It is not exactly money in the bank, but it does help my family and I out. Some of the programs do give you the option to convert your points to PayPal cash now that’s money in the bank.

 I also suggest signing up for a free paypal account. Because I know you will want to covert those into cash to deposit into your account and its easy and safer to have one. Because the onces that give you cash it can easily be transferred to your paypal account.

Tip: Check out your favorite point programs, daily deal sites, shopping website and see if they perhaps offer a sharable referral link. I know most of them do. And if you dont know what your looking for you just may look pass it. Most of them will have it at the very bottom in fine print of there website and its usally label Affiliate or Affiliate Progrom

4. Sign up for affiliate programs for books and e-courses you love. Because the more knowledge you have the better you’ll be successfully. 

If you find an e-book, book or e-course you love by another blogger that is sold directly on that blogger’s site, check to see if they have an affiliate program you can join and earn as much as 50% commission if someone buys it through the link on your blog. Amazon has a good progrom to do this. These programs usually don’t require you to have certain amount of unique monthly visitors. My newest one I just started with is bluehost which is not only a good hosting and website company for your blog but pays will to be an affiliate with.

5. Spend The Majority Of Your Time Learning How To Build Traffic

This one is self explanatory. For free traffic, make sure all social media platform be your best friend. Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat. Any way you can get someone to view what you have write can be beneficial to you. And plus if you’re writing something that will help someone, someome will read it and implet the tools you give them.

Books that has help me are How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul and ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. By implementing and following the tips found in those book I was able to double my Pinterest account, double my unique monthly visitors, and double my income.

I highly recommend those books to bloggers wanting to increase the size of their blog as well as the profit it produces. I wish it had been available to me when I first started blogging.

I also just recently finished reading Delicious Blogging: The Ingredients That You Need To Create A Better Blog. It’s funny because when I found those books and thought to myself, I can do this. And I took it seriously and was implemented them. But I wanted to kick myself. Why didn’t I know about these books to be able to save myself the struggle during my first go of blogging. Toward the end I ended up payimg for it anyways. I can’t be mad because alot of my mistake has made me better. And allow me to write this article. I’m hoping to save you all the same head ach. It surly would have saved me a lot of time in setting up my blog, if only I had the right ingredients and guidelines for success. But now, I dont hesitate to invest in my knowledge to better help my blog both in growth and profit.

Here are some more books that can help Grown your Blog.

Many more so search around on the site. Some free and some cost for the low.

Pinterest is another great site for finding articles about growing a blog. And its is also a site you can use to grow trafficr to your work. Most of the once that are pin to my boared are ones I find that is helpful to my Blog. I have learn so much from following few people and implementing what they have mention. So with this article I hope you get something out of it. And it help you on your blogging journey. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share it with others, pin it on Pinterest, share it and like it.

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