Four Awesome Ways To Save on Back-To-School Shopping


Hey guys,

WOW!!! can you believe it that we are in August already and it’s almost back to school time? I refused to believe that summer is coming to an end. 😔
But I’m not going to stress about it because it is kinda my favorite time of the year.

I get to do what I like, which is spending money. So it’s time for me to start searching for deals, coupons and SHOPPING with my kids. Let me get ready and put on my SuperMom cape and get to the planning, searching, and organizing my deals.

I am going to share with you all four awesome ways I get my money’s worth while shopping for my two 9 year old twin girls and my 2 year old baby boy. Below are all the things I use and how;

1. Make sure to sign up to Join Honey:

When shopping online I make sure that my Honey is already installed on my desktop. This is how it works; when shopping on various websites honey would automatically applies the best coupon codes that is out there. So once you’re at checkout you just click on the honey icon at the top that is lighting up for your codes to save.

2. Make sure you Sign up for Ebates:

When using Ebates on your desktop or on the go with there mobile app you will be earning cash back for shopping through Ebates (FREE MONEY YEEAHHH), which has many major department store that allow you to shop. All you have to do is open the Ebates app or website, search through it for whatever store of your choose, for whatever you want to shop online for. Ebates has many department store to choose from that gives you up 40% of cash back. Right now they are having there Double cash back going on, which means;

  • Macy’s – Was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
  • Walmart – Was 1%,now get 2% Cash Back
  • Kohl’s – Was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
  • Nike – Was 1.5%, now get 6% Cash Back
  • JCPenney – Was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
  • Groupon – Was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back and many more.

I’ve used Ebates for everything when it comes down to shopping. If it’s for shop online for personal things, for clothing, going on vactions and so much more… It is the first place I would go to for my deals and I love the benefits of there cash back. It really pays off, and those cash back comes in handy, trust me.

3. Take Advantage of State Tax Holidays:

This is where I will get out of control, because I would want to buy way too much things. If you’re not familiar with the tax holidays. I’ll explain it more, its a holiday usually happens before back to school. It is happening now during the month of August. Where some states give you a sales tax break on certain items usually shoes, clothes, or school supplies.

But word of advice, I found out the hard way. My family and I went out of town last year and during that time we try to grab few last min things. We found out that not all states participate, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that does, stock up on items you need so you can enjoy major tax savings. Just to help you out and save some time I have search and found a list of the 2016 tax free weekend for you. Click Here.

4. Don’t forget to use a Student ID for Savings:

A student ID could be a life saver and major savings especially on pricey electronic items. Every discount counts.
Just present your ID, prove that whoever buys the products is in fact a student, and follow there discount procedure.

Bonus: With a military ID you usually get a 10% discount.

So if you have it use it…

I know for sure you want in on piece of this cash back opportunity, because when I found out about them I jump right into it.

So let us recap on what to do so you don’t miss out on these awesome deals, saving and cash back opportunities. Make sure you do these step to knock your back to school shopping out the park;

Step 1: Sign-up for a free Ebates account.
Step 2: Join honey and make sure the icon is install on your computer.
Step 3: Take advantage of the Tax Week holiday.
Step 4: Don’t forget your student ID or military ID.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Whenever you’re online, the Ebates and honey icons that are located on the upper right corner will light up. Which means it is showing you every time a website you’re on offers cash back our coupons.

To get the ebates button go to or Click here. To get the honey icon follow the steps after you have sign up. They would walk you through it all.

Shop Amazon – Parents and teachers, find your school supply lists in one place

It’s not all the time I can get up and run out so thank goodness for online shopping which has saved me a lot of times and I don’t have to be standing in any crazy and hectic checkout lines.

Join STARZ Free Trial

You can’t beat the simplistic and deals that they have online. From either buying there bundle packages or there single orders or even having the luxury of everything be delivery to your home. Your comfortable knowing that when comes time for back to school you will be all set.

I thank you all for giving me your time and reading my article. Now go shop and earn that free cash back money.

Other cash back site

Enjoy Janielle Saddler.


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