How To Get Cash With MintVine Website.


Hey guys,

I’m back to talk about one of my favorite free survey site to earn free cash with. This site I have been using for few months now. And I absolutely love it.

Mintvine offers frequent paid surveys and occasionally invites to focus groups, paying $25 to $50 an hour. You cashout via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards for your valuable opinions.

The surveys are fast, usually you’ll spend 15 minutes max on a survey. If you stick around and prove to be a reliable market research participant, Mintvine will occasionally offer the crown jewel of survey sites: In-Home Product Testing. Group invites which pays $25-$50 per hour! Fast redemption, payments received as quickly as 48 hours daily that gets pay to a PayPal account.

How To Earn More Cash:
They also have a really good Referral program that allows you to earn more money ontop of your survey money. Your friends who you refer to join Mintvine will have free access to the site (as all survey panels should be). You will not be asked to purchase anything. And they will become part of the MVP code.

How To Sign Up:

Once signed up and ready to use the website, you can connect your Facebook account to save you a lot of time of login.
You can sign up as young as 13 year of age, but you MUST have parental consent to participate if you are between the ages of 13-17 years old.

Another outstanding bonus that Mintvine offers is a 300 point signup bonus accompanied with some interesting intro surveys. Which help you add more to your points. Most users are able to accrue enough for their first cash out within a few days.

MintVine earning is by a point scale. So the more you do the more points yoi earn. But don’t worry they are really good with giving points. They basically allow you to earn points on everything the offer on the website. If its from taking surveys, sharing or even shopping. They offer coupons and deals on things. From movies theater tickets, Amusement park and so much more.

A survey can be between 5 to 75 points or more. And 100 points is equivalent to $1. Mintvine

When ready click here to Join me and many others.

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